Everything is Nicer Now

It’s a nicer day than it has been for a while, isn’t it? The smell of the wet ground, the sharpness of the wind, the leaves changing colour… I’m so proud of him for coming outside to experience it. Sure, they find joy in their little homes as well but that’s not where the changes happen. That’s not where … Continue reading Everything is Nicer Now



Not everyone opens the bags. We’re supposed to, of course, to make sure the animal inside matches what the forms say it should be, and remove any collars that have been left on. But it’s time-consuming and, depending on the state of the animal when it died, it’s not always a pleasant thing to do. You … Continue reading Watch


It was 2020 when the first announcements were made. “The beginning of the end of factory farming,” came the headlines. “Light at the end of the food crisis tunnel.” “Playing God: a victory for activists.” I only skimmed over the articles at the time, but the gist was that laboratories had successfully grown edible meat … Continue reading Daisy


They used to come to my stable to cry. It was all very sudden. One day they’d be here grooming me and caring for me. They’d sit in the loosebox and I’d watch them cleaning my tack and laughing and playing while they swept the yard. The younger one would always sing to me while … Continue reading Ghost