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This is FinchFiction and this is where my stories go so they don’t have to be in my head anymore. I’m not usually very good at sharing, so be gentle. I’m also not very good at updating – you’ve been warned. But I do have some lovely cats and it’s cold outside, so come on in and read some little stories. I’ll put the kettle on.

The Scribbler:

I am a British, 20-something veterinary nurse who writes stories when I’m not studying or filling myself with rum.

Traditionally all about celtic mountains, forests, and ¬†coastlines. Recently shaking things up by living the urban English life with my lush partner and our feline little girls. I’m into emergency and critical care veterinary medicine, metal, running and rugby, food and gardening, and naps.

I have a few novel-length projects on the go; an otherworld fantasy series and a pair of contemporary fictions. My shorts are mostly screams into the void about the bloodscapes that keep me up at night, and the recurring themes of mental illness and dead animals are becoming apparent during the course of keeping up with this blog.

I’m always looking for new stuff to read and like-minded hobby writers to share ideas with.

You can find my Twitter here if that’s your thing.